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Hello there fellow Klingons. Welcome to the Klingon Empire Homepage. In case you were wondering, yes I love the Klingons. I think that they are one of the greatest races in the Star Trek universe. Of course one of my favorite S.T. characters is Cmdr. Worf . I've even created my own persona for the Internet--Lt.Taj assigned as a liason to DS9.

My other favorite non-Klingon characters are: (in no particular order) Dr. Leonard McCoy, Mr. Scott, Lt. Comm Data, Lt. Tasha Yar(deceased), Constable Odo, Dr. Bashir, The 'Doc', Tuvok,and Seven of nine.

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Who am I?

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My real name is Jeremy Cook. My character name is Lt. Taj an officer in the Imperial Guard. My favorite tv show(if you havn't guessed by now) is Star Trek. Among my other favorites are Earth Final Conflict, Red Dwarf, Quantum Leap, and Nightman. I'm also a big fan of Star Wars. I am 17 years old and born and raised in Waxahachie Tx.

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